The EmoHeal Circle

The EmoHeal Circle

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your emotions?

Do you want to find a safe space to explore and process your emotions?

If so, then the EmoHeal Circle is for you!

The EmoHeal Circle is a transformative program designed to assist individuals in their emotional well-being journeys in a safe group setting. Initiated by the Living Consciously Foundation, this initiative aims to provide a safe space for exploring and processing emotions, fostering healing and growth.

Welcome to the EmoHeal Circle, a healing journey towards emotional processing and profound well-being. Powered by the Living Consciously Foundation, this transformative initiative is designed to empower individuals to courageously bring their emotions to the surface, fully feel them, process them with compassion, and integrate them into their lives. By combining innovative techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), somatic movements, breathwork, and more, the EmoHeal Circle serves as a catalyst for inner healing and personal growth. This document encapsulates the invigorating objectives, dynamic format, and vital information related to the EmoHeal Circle.


The EmoHeal Circle is driven by a mission to help people accomplish the following empowering objectives:

• Safe and Empowering Space: Establish an oasis of acceptance and support where participants can unmask their emotions without judgment, fostering profound healing and liberation.
• Emotion Alchemy: Process and ignite healing through EFT, enabling individuals to identify and transmute emotional blockages into catalysts for personal growth and empowerment.
• Embodied Wisdom: Immerse participants in the wisdom of their bodies using somatic movements and breathwork, facilitating the integration of emotions stored within, thus paving the path to holistic emotional well-being.

Format and Structure:

The EmoHeal Circle is designed to provide a dynamic and purposeful structure, ensuring a profound and life-altering emotional healing experience. The theme of each session will be revealed 3-4 days before the sessions, covering a range of important topics including releasing Ancestral Patterns, processing Grief, Anger, Shame, clearing, Self-sabotage, releasing Addictions, releasing Numbness, and other vital themes.

Each session encompasses the following elements:
• Enchanting Welcome: Experience a heartfelt welcome that sets the tone for transformation, creating a space of warmth, trust, and boundless possibility.
• Guided Emotion Revelation: Facilitators will guide you through a transformative tapestry with a theme, unraveling emotional blockages, nurturing self-compassion, and embracing radical acceptance.
• Soulful Connection: Forge a sacred bond within the circle as you share your experiences, insights, and challenges in a sanctum of confidentiality, weaving a tapestry of collective
empathy and profound connection.

When & Where?

Date: Starting from August 6th, 2023

Time: alternate Sundays from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

  • August (6th, 20th) 2023, September (3rd , 17th) 2023, October (1st, 15th) 2023, November (5th m 19th) 2023, December (3rd, 17th) 2023, January (7th, 21st) 2024

In case of any queries and concerns kindly connect with us +91 9405712845 (Vineet) and +918447662452 (Shalu).