EmoHeal Circle: Taking us towards Emotional Competence and liberation

Welcome to EmoHeal Circle, where we begin a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing. Together, we will explore the intricacies of emotions, process unresolved feelings, and integrate unprocessed energies to cultivate profound well-being. An Initiative by the Living Consciously Foundation, EmoHeal Circle is designed to empower individuals to courageously bring their emotions to the surface, fully feel them, process them with compassion, and integrate them into their lives. By combining innovative techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), somatic movements, breathwork, and more, the EmoHeal Circle serves as a catalyst for inner healing and personal transformation.

This document encapsulates the invigorating objectives, dynamic format, and vital information related to the EmoHeal Circle.

Objectives: The EmoHeal Circle is driven by a mission to help people accomplish the following empowering objectives:

·   Safe and Empowering Space: Establish an oasis of acceptance and support where participants can unmask their emotions without judgment, fostering profound healing and liberation in a very safe space.

·  Emotion Alchemy: Process and ignite healing through different healing modalities, enabling individuals to identify and transmute emotional blockages into catalysts for personal growth and empowerment.

·  Embodied Wisdom: Immerse participants in the wisdom of their bodies using somatic movements and breathwork, facilitating the integration of emotions stored within, thus paving the path to holistic emotional well-being.

Format and Structure: The EmoHeal Circle is designed to provide a dynamic and purposeful structure, ensuring a profound and life-altering emotional healing experience. The theme of each session will be revealed 3-4 days before the sessions, covering a range of important topics including: releasing Ancestral Patterns, processing Grief, Anger, Shame, Regulating Nervous system, Clearing Self-sabotage, releasing Addictions, releasing Numbness and other vital themes.

The circle will be held on alternate Sundays at 7pm to 9pm.

Each session encompasses the following elements:

·     Enchanting Welcome: Experience a heartfelt welcome that sets the tone for transformation, creating a space of warmth, trust, and boundless possibility.

·     Guided Emotion Revelation: Facilitators will guide you through a transformative tapestry with a theme, unravelling emotional blockages, nurturing self-compassion, and embracing radical acceptance.

·     Soulful Connection: Forge a sacred bond within the circle as you share your experiences, insights, and challenges in a sanctum of confidentiality, weaving a tapestry of collective empathy and profound connection.

Embark on a captivating odyssey towards emotional processing of trauma and stagnant emotions and energies and self-empowerment within the EmoHeal Circle. Commencing on May 26th, 2024, these extraordinary healing circles invite you to receive support in your healing journey, guiding you towards emotional competency.

Who can Participate?

  • Adults (18 years and above) from diverse backgrounds seeking emotional healing and personal growth.
  • Individuals experiencing emotional challenges such as trauma, grief, anger, shame, self-sabotage, addictions, or numbness.
  • Those interested in holistic healing approaches and open to alternative techniques like EFT, somatic movements, and breathwork.
  • People seeking a supportive community to share experiences and receive empathy and support.

Who cannot participate:

  • Minors without parental or guardian consent.
  • Individuals in immediate crisis requiring emergency or professional intervention.
  • Those unable to commit to the session timings (alternate Sundays, 7pm-9pm).
  • Individuals looking for a substitute for professional therapy. It is recommended to seek licensed therapists or mental health practitioners for intensive support.

 Themes and Dates of the Circle: The themes suggested here are indicative and there may be changes made based on the needs of the groups.

Themes: The themes include Clearing Triggers, Grief, Overwhelm, Anger, Shame, clearing, Self-sabotage, releasing Addictions, releasing Numbness, Getting comfortable with uncomfortable

Dates: May (26th) 2024, June (2nd, 16th, 30th) 2024, July (14th, 28th) 2024, August (11th, 25th) 2024, September (15th, 29th) 2024, October (13th, 27th), November (3rd) 2024

Note: The payment model for these circles is designed as “pay as you wish,” giving participants the freedom to contribute an amount that feels appropriate and affordable to them. However, the personalized guidance through 1:1 session with our facilitators is available for a fee, should you require it. While the EmoHeal Circle sessions are an invaluable resource provided by the Living Consciously Foundation, they do not substitute professional therapy. The Foundation remains steadfast in ensuring access to emotional healthcare for all individuals.