Life Reflections

Life Reflections

We, humans, have evolved to a level where our well-being is more psychological than physical(material). We may be looking healthy, doing very well outwardly, and enjoying all the luxuries and amenities at our disposal but we may still feel miserable if we are not at ease within. Most of us suffer from a lack of purpose and live with a sense of unexplainable emptiness. This perpetual emptiness forces us to question our actions and ponder, 'Is there something very basic that I'm not attending to?', 'What's the goal of my actions?', 'What am I here for?', and 'Why the happiness I get is only momentary and not lasting?' Finding the answers to these questions has always been the goal of human civilizations and the present time is no exception. 'Life Reflections with Hasnain Waris' is a space where we delve deep within ourselves to search for a meaningful life in the current fast-paced world. A life with purpose. A life of fulfillment, 'Love' and 'Truth'. Come prepared with your questions and we would together try to crack the hard nuts you've been struggling with thus far..

Life Reflection

Themes to be covered

This program has been designed by Living Consciouslyy and The Self Seekers to help us remember what we have forgotten. It is an opportunity to come together to see meaning in what is happening to us—and what is happening around us.
‘Life Reflections’ is an invitation to find clarity in chaos, meaning in disorder, and thriving amidst these spiritually challenging times.
This program is for you if you:

1. Long for a non-judgmental place where you can ask questions
about Life.
2. Wonder what you need to learn from the teachings of the great
saints like Rumi, Kabir.
3. Want to explore the meaning of stress, depression, melancholy, and
4. Want to connect with your heart and soul, to beautify your life.

Orientation Program:
On 23 rd and 24 th July, all the seekers are requested to join the Life Reflections Orientation program to get a glimpse of the journey we are going to live together.

The themes suggested here are indicative and there may be changes
made based on the needs of the groups.
● What are the common challenges faced by modern seekers?
● What is our Essential Nature’?
● Which ‘Love’ saints talk about?
● Why is ‘Ego’ called the ‘Enemy within’?
● What are the characteristics of Ego?
● Is finding your ‘Essential Self’ and finding ‘God’ one and the same things?
● Learn the subtle ‘Art of Purifying the heart’.
● How does ‘Truth’ set us free?
● How to regain your lost ‘Balance’.
● Who is a ‘Guru’?

Every Saturday @8:00 PM IST (60 – 90 minutes) from 30th July to 8th
October’ 2022

Where:  Zoom

Participant Contribution:
Confirm your participation by making the energy
exchange between INR 500 – 2,000 by directly transferring to Living Consciouslyy Foundation Account or by scanning the QR Code.
“This energy exchange is for the whole series of Life Reflections.”

For more information or if you have any questions, please email
at or call us at +91844766245 (Shalu).