12-Week Course on 9 Principles of Shamanism
by Shane McLeay, Initiated Shaman and Author

12-Week Course on 9 Principles of Shamanism

Join initiated shaman Shane McLeay on a captivating journey into the heart of shamanic wisdom with our sessions: “An Introduction to the 9 Principles of Shamanism.” Delivered via Zoom over twelve weeks, this immersive course invites participants to delve deep into the foundational principles of shamanism, their origins, and their transformative power.

Participants will embark on an enlightening exploration of the core principles that underpin shamanic practice. Drawing upon ancient traditions from cultures around the world, Shane will illuminate the timeless wisdom encoded within these principles, offering insights into their significance and practical applications in contemporary life.

Throughout the sessions, participants will gain a comprehensive overview of each of the 9 principles of shamanism, including their spiritual significance and relevance to personal and collective transformation.

Participants will uncover the profound truths that lie at the heart of shamanic teachings.

 Key topics covered include:

1) Introduction to Shamanism:

Exploring the origins, beliefs, and practices of shamanic traditions from diverse cultures.

2) An Overview Of The Nine: Principles of Shamanism

Understanding the core principles that form the foundation of shamanic wisdom and practice.

3) Origins and Cultural Significance:

Learning how to integrate the principles of shamanism into daily life for personal growth, healing, and spiritual awakening.

4) Practical Applications: 

Tracing the historical roots and cultural context of each principle and its relevance to contemporary spirituality.

5) These introductory sessions set the stage for a profound exploration of shamanic wisdom:

These introductory sessions set the stage for a profound exploration of shamanic wisdom and its transformative potential. Whether you are new to shamanism or a seasoned practitioner, join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, healing, and spiritual awakening.

Please Note:

This training serves as an initiation into the world of shamanism. Upon finishing the 12-Week Course, participants will receive course credits towards initiation from the Shaman Circle School Of Shamanism, enabling them to pursue becoming a Shaman. Successful completion of the course earns participants 5 credit points toward initiation within the Shaman Circle School Of Shamanism for those who wish to deepen their studies.

Additionally, all participants who successfully complete the 12-Week course on an Introduction to Nine Principles of Shamanism will receive certificates.


When & Where?

Dates:14th April to 30th June 2024

Venue: Zoom

For more information, contact here +91 8447662452 (Shalu)