Monthly Soul Series

Monthly soul series aim to inform and equip us on different healing modalities where various practical tools/practices are shared that can lead us to our wholeness and to our innate spiritual power. as we awaken to our own powerful inner being, with greater self-awareness we restore clarity, and confidence in life.

Circle Of Wisdom

The “Circle of Wisdom” reading community has been created to learn, and evolve together through the power of reading.

Wholeness Program

Our Wholeness Program aims at guiding young children and adolescents to deal with mental stressors mindfully with healthy coping mechanisms through spiritual and human values. Through the wholeness program we are intending to strengthen the. spiritual core of the children to meaningfully perform developmental tasks in life. We do not intend to teach or propagate any particular religion, beliefs or practice.

Life Reflection

This program has been designed by Living Consciouslyy and The Self Seekers to help us remember what we have forgotten. It is an opportunity to come together to see meaning in what is happening to us—and what is happening around us. ‘Life Reflections’ is an invitation to find clarity in chaos, meaning in disorder, and thriving amidst these spiritually challenging times.

Deep Immersion Program