Travel Within- A Holistic Wellbeing Bootcamp

Travel Within - A Holistic Wellbeing Bootcamp

We at Living Consciouslyy are super excited to share that we are back with our 5-Day “Travel Within Bootcamp” in the charming mountains. On this immersion journey we welcome heart-centred people from all paths to experience a deepening of their wellbeing understanding in a supportive and contemplative environment. Through different curated sessions, we will tap into our inner realms, inner spiritual resources that come with us when we are born and are meant to assist us as we navigate our life journey. This 5-day Journey will assist us to uncover who we are behind our title, degrees, bank accounts, heritage, and accomplishments.
Spend your five days in the travel within bootcamp gaining practical tools, Mind-body-soul integrated experience, and understanding the working of our inner world in ways that enrich our daily life. Feed your soul with the knowledge and practice on different healing modalities including Expressive Art Therapy, Internal family system, Emotional Freedom Technique focussing Inner Child , Self Soothe for Nervous system, Shadow Work, and powerful Guided Meditations.

The Bootcamp Will Assist You

 To look beyond the external and internal layers of our life. 

● To look at the belief systems driving our subconscious thoughts and actions. 

● Decipher the consistent themes of our life and connect its missing dots.

 ● Unleash the Power of your Authentic Self. 

● An understanding of your greater life purpose. 

● Tools to initiate the healing process to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

 ● Spiritual understanding to gain answers to pressing life questions. 

● Connection to the vast spiritual assistance that awaits us.

When & Where?

Date: 13th August to 17th August 2022 (5 Days) 

Venue: Himalayan Heritage Earth House, Dehradun

In case of any queries and concerns kindly connect with us +91 9405712845 (Vineet) and +918447662452 (Shalu).