Workshop on Havening Technique

Join us for our 50th Monthly Soul Series Workshop on “The Havening Technique” by Ivona- a swedan based Havening Practitioner. This powerful psycho-sensory method taps into our body’s natural healing abilities to bring about strength and empowerment.

The Havening Technique is specially designed to assist individuals in overcoming issues stemming from traumatic or stressful life events. By deactivating the neurons associated with these experiences in the brain, it offers a pathway to healing and resilience. It’s an opportunity to foster a healthier relationship with your mind and embrace empowered living.

During the workshop, participants will learn practical techniques to release stress and cultivate resilience through self-Havening. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and equipped with valuable tools to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease.

When & Where?

Date: 22nd May 2024,

Time: 8 PM to 9:30 PM

Venue: Zoom

For more information, contact here +91 8447662452 (Shalu)or Write to us at