Circle of Wisdom

Circle of Wisdom

Circle of Wisdom

The Circle of Wisdom reading community has been created by Living

Consciouslyy Foundation to learn, and evolve together through the power of reading. The English writer, Dorothy Whipple once wrote, “Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time.” More than a neural exercise that boosts memory and functioning of the brain, reading helps us to gain insight into realities we couldn’t otherwise live by ourselves, opens up our creative thinking capabilities, and activates our empathy sensors. Reading makes us aware and sensitive to the human condition, cultures, and customs, encouraging us to be forgiving and nurturing where once we might have been condescending.


Through the Circle of Wisdom, we aim to understand and develop ways to reach our spiritual core and authentic self by discovering and learning various teachings and philosophies from across the world.

The group aims to:

  1. Stimulate our imagination and creativity.
  2. Contribute towards our spiritual and personal growth.
  3. Better our communication and self-expression.
  4. Build relationships and learn with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and Develop a habit of reading.

When & Where?

In case of any queries and concerns kindly connect with us +919405712845 (Vineet) and +918447662452 (Shalu).