Every Men's Circle

Every Men's Circle

Ever felt like you are carrying a lot inside but have no space to share? That is where Every Men’s Circle comes in—a safe, judgment-free zone where you can be yourself, talk openly, and connect with like-minded guys.

Crafted by Living Consciously: Driven by the understanding that mental and emotional well-being are foundational to a fulfilling life, Living Consciously recognized the absence of spaces where men could freely articulate their thoughts and emotions. Every Men’s Circle is their bold initiative, a canvas for genuine connections and emotional support.

An Open Invitation: We invite men from all walks of life—regardless of background, culture, or age—to join a bi-weekly rendezvous, every alternate Wednesday at 8 PM. Here, every story is valued, every emotion respected, and every man’s voice echoes with significance.

Unique Structure:

Format: Gatherings unfold in a circle, fostering heartfelt conversations and open sharing.

• Discussion: No scripted dialogues—just genuine, unfiltered conversations. Share your stories, express your thoughts, and listen with empathy.

Confidentiality: The cornerstone—ensuring every participant feels secure within our circle of trust.

Benefits Explored:

Engage in interactive discussions exploring topics from managing stress to fostering healthy relationships. Our expert sessions offer transformative tools, aiding your journey towards personal development and emotional well-being. Join a supportive community where vulnerability is a strength, fostering authenticity and profound connections.

When & Where?

Starting From March 20th 2024 

Time: 8 PM (Every Wednesday)

Platform: Zoom

In case of any queries and concerns kindly connect with us +91 9405712845 (Vineet) and +918447662452 (Shalu).