Healing Victim Consciousness

For a good amount of my life, I was in this state of victim consciousness because
of all the traumatic experiences I had been through as a child or later in life. It
felt so unfair and how many times you feel you can beat this through the mind
or you can trick your brain into thinking you are okay, but you can’t trick your
So, if you have endured a lot of Trauma and some really hard traumatic
experiences, or there is a lot of unhealed unprocessed pain from the past, it has
put your body in fight or flight since you were a child and so, now, when you are
finally not in a dangerous situation and your body is recovering from that. 
Healing victim consciousness does not start with telling yourself that everything
happens for a reason. It first starts with creating a safe space for yourself to go
fully into your victim's energy.
Our playing victim indicates our body showing us the part of our inner child who
is still hurting and needs our help to become fully integrated. The victim
mentality is a crucial stage of every healing process and is nothing to be
ashamed about.  And it is often the breakdown that transforms or transitions
into action.  
Our difficult emotion or emotional trigger indicates a part of us that wants to feel
seen and heard.
Sit with her. 
Be with her.
And give that “victim Consciousness”, which in fact is our unmet needs,
everything she needs. 
Like loving gentle presence. Reassurance and confirmation of her reality. And
then you start to integrate that part of you that was lost. 
Do: Embodying and integrating 
Don’t: Gaslight and shame