Internal Family System

Living Consciouslyy is coming up with 29th Monthly Soul Series Workshop on "Internal Family System focussing on Parts Work by Seth Kopald". This workshop will offer an introduction to the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, a method of understanding and forming relationships with various aspects of ourselves, called parts. Ultimately, IFS helps us find our authentic Self which we all have inside. It is more than a therapeutic technique, it is a conceptual framework for developing love for ourselves and each other. This workshop will include teaching, group discussion, and activities to help you get to know some of your parts and feel Self Energy.
About Seth Kopald
Seth is a Certified IFS Practitioner and has completed his training with Richard Schwartz. Seth founded Exploration Services in 2002 and has devoted his career to helping people become more centered, confident, and at ease. He is working with the mission to help people increase their sense of courage, compassion, and understanding of themselves and others. He helps people find their core Self and specializes in parenting, leadership, and spirituality. Seth holds a PhD in Organization Management with a specialization in Leadership and a Masters in Education. He appeared on many podcasts, interviews on the Internal Family System.