Intuition In Action: Ignite Your Imagination Workshop

Intuition In Action: Ignite Your Imagination Workshop

All workshops include elements of creativity and mindfulness. These are designed for participants with open minds that are interested in exploring their own intuitive faculties to lead themselves through the process while I act as your guide. 

1) Begin with your imagination

2) idea-Decision-Action (IDA)
3) The Intrinsic Path

Starting from 3rd November 2023 at 8PM, every Friday.

(1) Begin in your Imagination

3 sessions, 2hrs per session, over 3 weeks

All desires and actions in life begin in your imagination. Are you aware of its role in the manifestation of your life? This course is designed to provide a fun, explorative approach to connecting with your imagination. The imagination communicates very much through symbolisms and sensations. You will learn a variety of mindful, creative, and intuitive activities that help you understand the language of the imagination; let go of the “how’s” and let in the possibilities.

Participants that enjoy a little bit of “crazy” experiences that turn out to be not so crazy after all. If you have lived your life following all the standard rules and relying on hard evidence before you make a decision, then this will be a refreshing change. Here you will certainly meet the intuitive faculty you were born with and then turn it into your best friend.

(2) Idea-Decision-Action (IDA)

2 sessions, 2hrs per session

This workshop is about moving you from Idea to Decision to Action. It is designed to open up the channels within you that prompt inspired actions and confident decision making to get your idea on the move. By focusing on the relevant details of your idea we release it from its constraints held in the mind and then we invite our intuitive faculty to take over the manifestation.

This is especially great for people who have had an idea lingering in their minds for some time and need to express it. The unpacking process is not merely to reveal the specific construct of your idea but rather to open up all the possibilities of achieving it. We learn the difference
between inspired action vs motivated doing.

(3) The Intrinsic Path

Duration: 3 sessions, 2hrs per session, over 3 weeks

This is a journey all about you and who you are as an individual in this life. Activities are designed to explore your core strategy, authority and preferences to give you a more satisfying experience of life.” Put simply, we’d like to find out “Do you know how you like your eggs?” Seems simple, many of us never considered why we do repetitive things without awareness.

People who love clarity; curious about why they do the things that they do and excited about using these findings to align with life.

About The Resource Person:

Lisanya Pillay lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. In the last decade she has transitioned from being a corporate attorney to a business owner to a dementia, alzheimer’s caregiver to her dad and she has every intention to keep adding to that list. Her interest in understanding how the imagination functions began around 6 years back with an intuitive pull toward exploring the question – “How did creator create the Earth using his imagination and why is it said that we all possess this ability to create too?” Since then she has investigated and practiced many techniques and practices to understand how the imagination works that she enjoys sharing in creative workshops with others.

The greatest gift she feels her imagination gave to her was freeing her from the mindset of finding security in a corporate paycheck and opening her to the beauty and rejuvenation of caring for another human being.

When & Where?

Date: Starting from 3 Novmber 23

Time: Every Friday 8:00 Pm

Venue: Zoom

In case of any queries and concerns kindly connect with us +91 9405712845 (Vineet) and +918447662452 (Shalu).