My Emotional Triggers

For a good amount of my life, the way I have dealt with my emotional triggers I
realized was not at all healthy. When these super-reactive places inside me get
activated by someone else’s words or behaviors.
What I used to do was I usually go and sit in meditation. Forcing positivity on
me or trying everything possible to not feel it as that is how I used to feel, is the
correct way to deal with my triggers or difficult emotions.
Rather than understanding the root of my trigger. I used to dodge them or
sometimes used to feel guilty for having them, as I am still having triggers that
makes me any less of a spiritual practitioner.
That feeling you have when someone makes a comment that might not be a
huge deal for others, but for some reason, it leaves you angry, anxious, or
unsettled? These emotional triggers, even though they are painful to deal with, I
realized are actually an opportunity to deepen our healing journey and free
yourself from the past.
And now, as I have changed my whole outlook towards my triggers, I experience
them as actually blessings in disguise, a gift for my evolution. These triggers
point out the wound which is still there, waiting for our attention. They point
towards the places in us that need our utmost attention and are calling for your
The more intense the trigger usually indicates how long we have repressed the
wound. Reflecting on triggers gives us an opportunity to heal.
When we are triggered, we have the opportunity to dive into the deepest roots
of our emotions. We have the opportunity to heal what needs to be healed, and
release what needs to be released.
So now, when I feel triggered, I have learnt to give myself permission to feel
everything, with no judgment..
And I hope you will do the same…