Residential Spiritual Foundation Camp

Residential Spiritual Foundation Camp

All of us are endowed with the capacity to go back to our primary nature ‘Love’, to become aligned with the ‘Truth’. A few of us walk on this path of self-discovery consciously while most of us remain unaware of our spiritual gift. In our attempt to seek that elusive fulfillment, we strive in numerous ways – attend courses, read books and go for pilgrimages. These actions definitely give us an instant high, but more often than not, after a few weeks the spike of the spiritual high comes down and we go back to our old patterns, belief systems. This happens because through all these engagements, even with the best of our intentions, we only manage to scratch the top layer of the issue while the core remains un-accessed. We manage to fix the effect temporarily, but totally ignore the cause: our attitude or orientation.

The ‘Spiritual Foundation Camp’ being organized by Living Consciouslyy is about fixing these root causes and misplaced orientations that cut off our connection with the Supreme, forcing us to live a dull, unfulfilled and stressful life. In this 3-days programme, we will take you through a unique experiential journey of Self-Realization using age-old Sufi principles of transformation and validating them with some path-breaking scientific research. This ‘Spiritual Foundation Camp’ is a beautiful mix of Presentations, Storytelling, Role-Plays, Activities, Music, and of course some serious philosophy explained in a light and relatable manner. A programme that will go a long way in helping you live a rich and fulfilled life by permeating the learning into all facets of your life, be it work, relationship, or consolidating your connection with the Supreme.

When & Where?

Date: 10 February – 12 February 2023

Venue: Seekers Home Bodhigram

In case of any queries and concerns kindly connect with us +91 9405712845 (Vineet) and +918447662452 (Shalu).