The shamanic view of mental illness

The Shamanic View Of Mental Illness

The perspective on mental health issues is different in shamanism than in the conventional medical view. Living Consciouslyy is coming up with its 28th Monthly Soul Series Session on “Shamanic View of Mental Illness”  

The workshop will help you understand how healing works in Shamanism, a shamans view on depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, and what are the different practices that can help us bring balance and harmony in shamanism. 

To speak on the subject we will have Pamela. She has been practicing shamanism, shamanic healing and divinatory for 18 years. She is also an intuitive psycho-spiritual counselor and the founder of The REAP Healing Method energy medicine. She is a course facilitator and healing arts trainer. She teaches shamanic drum journeying and other basic core shamanism practices.