Trauma Healing on Spiritual Path

Trauma Healing on Spiritual Path

Living Consciouslyy is coming up with its 32nd Monthly Soul Series Workshop on "Trauma Healing on Spiritual Path” by Leticia Woodforde on 25th September at 5 PM IST. The workshop will help us to build an understanding on healing trauma on the spiritual path by taking a closer look at the chakra system and how they can be affected by trauma, and why it's important to clear trauma from your chakras to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. We will also be learning the difference between a blocked, imbalance or overactive chakra and how you can become your own self healer, keeping your chakra system clear, clean and energised so you can begin to heal trauma on a spiritual level and start feeling more energised, happier and peaceful.

About the Guide

Leticia is a Holistic Counsellor, Energy Healer, Holistic Trauma Coach and Health Coach and is passionate about helping others heal their mind- body and spirit the holistic way and specialises is helping others heal from their unresolved childhood trauma.Leticia experienced sexual abuse from ages 5-8 and tried to surpress it ever happening. But it wasn't until her 20's when her suppressed trauma started to bubble to the surface, spilling over and affecting other areas of her life, sleep, self esteem, energy levels, relationships. Leticia worked on her mind and body to heal her trauma, but it wasn't until she worked on her spirit too that she felt deeply healed and was able to enjoy inner peace and sustainable happiness. Leticia now helps others heal past trauma by working on their mind, body and spirit the holistic way with life changing programs.

Date: 25th September Time: 5 PM IST Platform: Zoom

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