Trailing Sufi Footprints Trailing Sufi Footprints

Sufism, also known as ‘tasawwuf’ in the Arabic-speaking world, emphasizes on introspection and cultivating closeness with Divine by emulating the ‘Sheikh’ or ‘Guru’. Sufi practices focus on the renunciation of worldly attachments, purification of the soul and the contemplation of Divine’s nature. It stresses that the rituals should be in accordance with the experience of the Divine of the individual. The path of Sufism is based on union with Divine through universal ‘love’, without interference of the belief systems, that’s why the sufi shrines still attract people from all faith. As beautifully put by Rumi; ‘Be certain in the religion of love there are no believers and unbelievers ‘Love’ embraces all’.

Since Sultanat period from twelfth century, Sufism blossomed in India. Delhi became home for many Sufi saints like Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki, Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, Naseeruddin Chirag Dehlvi, Sarmad and many others. During the times of these saints, Delhi was one of the major centres of Sufism in the world. The great poet Amir Khusrau wrote:

 Delhi, the protector of faith, and of the world!

It is a garden of paradise – and so, may it flourish!

 Hasnain Waris, the founder of New Age Sufis with Living Consciously will take you to trail the footprints of these Sufi saints via 3 hr. explanatory walks to their shrines and khanqahs (retreats). The trail includes stories associated with these saints, understanding their values of universal brotherhood, and tips on how to imbibe these learnings to improve our lives. Basically helping us delve deeper into Sufi way of life, beyond our limiting beliefs.

How This Trail Will Help Us?

Sufism has been referred to as a journey to the heart. A seeker takes this inner journey to attain the knowledge of ‘Self’(with the help of a mentor/guru), a knowledge which leads him to the understanding of ‘I’, and later facilitates realization of the ‘Divine’. The foundation of such a journey is based on the individual’s recognition of his/her own inner roadblocks and developing capacity to expand consciousness.

We must understand that it is our right, and also duty to find the way towards understanding the reality(Truth) of the Divine. One needs to dissolve into the being of the ‘Beloved’, the ‘Divine’. In such a state the veil of duality (you-me) gets dissolved and the essential unity remains(baqa).

a twentieth century Persian Sufi writes:

We searched a while for the Divine
Within the depth of our illusions
Looking there to find His signs
In the Beings of “you” and “I”.
When love appeared
“You” and “I” were dissolved,
And found no more need to follow signs.

Through this trail, we will start the journey of experiencing our humanness, the divine gifts that we’re born with, and hopefully figure out the purpose of our stay on this planet. As they say, May we all find our way home.

 Spaces to Visit

Mehrauli (Visiting Hzt. Kutubuddin Bakhtiyar ‘Kaki’ )

Nizamuddin (Visiting Hzt. Nizamuddin Aulia, Amir Khusro and Abdurrahim Khanekhana)

Chiragh Dilli (Visiting Hzt. Nuruddin ‘Chirag Dehalvi’)

Meena Bazar and Matka Pir (Visiting Hzt. Sarmad and Hzt. Abu Bakr Tusi aka Matka Pir)